This dog teaches children to read. It has a special class at school

It is very important to teach children to love and care for animals from an early age. Many parents keep dogs, cats, parrots and other animals at home with their children from a young age, which sometimes even act as babysitters for the little ones. This develops a sense of caring in children. They grow up to be more caring.

Un chien de thérapie assiste les élèves d'une école primaire dans leur apprentissage de la lecture

This is especially true for dogs, because they are not only loyal, but also very intelligent. Children who live with dogs from an early age tend to be smarter. You’d imagine that having a dog in the classroom can help kids do well in class, not to mention learn to read. This smart dog helps elementary school students learn to read An elementary school collaborative project involving a dog in the classroom was developed to help children learn lessons more easily, and it was a big success. Children participate in these classes with great pleasure, because they were waiting to see the dog.

However, imagine that there is a dog in the school that works with small children.It has special classes. And yes, today it has become a reality. Having a dog in elementary school is even more important when children begin to learn to read. This dog has special classes. This project has actually achieved great success.

Peltre | Insolite. Un chien à l'école pour apprendre en douceur

These little children not only learn to read, but kindness is instilled in their souls from a young age. This lesson is highly anticipated for the students, because they like the presence of the dog in the classroom. The children like the class so much that they keep asking when the next class will be so they can have their dog again.

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