This house is built in southwestern style. It is truly unique

Mini houses are so firmly established in our lives that even holiday homes are built in this style. In New Mexico there is a whole resort where you can relax in a country house with a small area. The houses are designed in a southwestern style and look very cozy from the outside, but inside there is a hospitable atmosphere. The name of the style already suggests what it is.

Southwestern style tiny house

This is a kind of mix of the style of the local peoples who lived in the southern states of America and Western culture. Southwestern style conveys the legacy that remains from the ancestors. At the same time, it does not look boring due to elements of Western culture. A private house with a southwestern style interior that can be seen from the outside and looks impressive from the outside has a flat roof, a spacious yard and a large garden

Southwestern style tiny house

This is how vacation homes in New Mexico are designed. Inside such a house is always very light due to the huge windows, which also allow one to enjoy a beautiful natural view. Well, if any of the guests want to sleep longer or stay alone, dark blinds with remote control are provided for this case. The interior of the Southwestern-style house uses the muted natural tones that nature is so rich in. Traditionally, this style involves the use of natural shades: terracotta, brown, tan, cream and white. But the accents are placed with the help of bright colors, which are to emphasize the features of the local nature.

Southwestern style tiny house

The Southwestern style is to some extent a distant relative of minimalism. Therefore, the furniture in the house is made simple, without frills and made of natural materials. Sofas and armchairs made of soft leather and unpolished wood with exquisite carvings, as well as covers made of thick linen and cotton fabrics, fit perfectly into the interior in the southwestern style. In addition to standard furniture, this style allows the use of large floor cushions in the interior and hanging hammocks in the yard. The house feels the spirit of freedom and spaciousness. In such a house you can relax your body and soul. This is a great place to feel one with nature and forget about the daily routine.


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