This house is very, very small. All the guests are just surprised by the furniture in the house.

How many unique houses and buildings there are on the whole planet. Strange and grandiose initiatives are not new; They can be found everywhere. Each city has at least one house that stands out from the others and attracts the attention of passers -by. Today, we are going to discuss a small house that has just been sold in an American town. The house has a strange appearance. Its narrowest point is 1.5 meters. However, the friendliness and comfort of the house are not affected by this. Due to the length of his rooms, he was able to equip them with complete kitchen sets comprising many cupboards and household appliances, and build huge cabinets, hang plasma screen TV with a large diagonal and large sofas for 5 to 7 people in the living room. and sleeping areas. However, we do not know why the owners have chosen this particular project.

The owners had the possibility of building the house in a square rather than in an elongated rectangle because it was located on a fairly large land. Small narrow terrains are better suitable for narrow dwellings. Most likely, the architects simply wanted to be distinctive. The distinctive dimensions of a small house and its intriguing ornamental characteristics constantly draw attention to it.

The advantages of these houses include a low ground imprint, the use of integrated furniture and more judicious use of the land. The use of light wells and larger window openings, as well as the possibility of climbing a staircase on a volley along the wall, offer excellent lighting. Land taxes were once calculated according to the width of the house in several European cities.

Thus, from an economic point of view, it was advantageous to build high and narrow buildings. Around the main channels of Amsterdam, the result is visible. Several of the houses in this area are only three meters wide. In the United States, a small house is very expensive to buy.

Since the residence is identical to other houses, apart from appearance, the owner probably hopes for foreign lovers. The area of the house can be envied by any typical family in most countries of the world, despite the irregularity of the forms. It turned out that the 487 square meters of a narrow house are only used for the living space. The two -story house appears little from the outside, but the unique arrangement inside makes it quite comfortable and even free.

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