This man bought an entire village and now only his laws apply.

The Belarusian architect has bought an entire village. The man lives here like a real feudal lord – he made his own rules, which the entire population obeys, and then videotaped an explanation of why he even needed his own village with his workers and acres of arable land.

The history of the small village began around 1917, on Polish maps it is marked as Tinevichi. In 1939, the territory, by agreement, was ceded to the USSR, after Belarus. The inhabitants gradually left the isolated village until all the houses were empty. Most likely, the settlement would have simply been demolished and the territory plowed for fields, but the father of the author of the story decided to restore it.

The current owner of the village worked as an architect in the capital, but found himself unemployed. He offers to help his father, quickly gets involved and takes over the management of the project. It proved impossible to redeem the whole village, the process took years. It was necessary to find each owner of the house – the last sales contract was concluded only 3 years ago. From this moment, the Belarusian really became a feudal lord. The whole village consists of 13 authentic huts.

The Belarusians hired workers and completely restored the territory. Fields have spread, the village itself has turned into an attraction for tourists. The turnover has increased every year and by the fall the “feudal lord” finally plans to start making a profit.

The Belarusian recorded his monologue about buying a village on video:

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