Three women showed up to compete and had a stunning performance that drew a lot of attention.

Children are now appearing in more programs and television shows in recent years. They go there to find out what they are capable of. These days, there are many popular TV shows and programs that provide opportunities for kids to hone and expand their talents. In these contests, competitors of varying abilities compete against each other. The presence of children at these events always makes the atmosphere happier and more comfortable. Children are simple, innocent beings, and they express themselves honestly and openly. Many competition shows are organized in several countries under the renowned “Voice Children” program, where talent is chosen.

These three Dutch, who participated in the program and attracted a large audience, are seen. Chloé, Lilia and Britt interpreted a very strong piece that dazzled with its unique and incomparable style. They sang the song “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. They started singing together, then split up, and finally joined the three voices for the chorus. The girls did a fantastic job transitioning from one to the other. They sang in unison, and their harmony and sense of rhythm and tone were superb.

Everyone will have fond memories of this trio’s performance for a long time. But in addition to the trio, there was an equally remarkable duo. Juanse and Sebastian Yatra, both Colombians, were the other participants. They performed the song “Que Lloro” by Sin Bandera. Only eleven, one of the guys was. He amazes with his expertise and professionalism despite his advanced age. The boy’s teacher and vocal coach, Sebastian Yatra, with whom he performed, was his mentor and inspiration. Indonesian twins Chevira and Deviran, who participated in the competition, wowed the judges with their outstanding performance. They had strong voices and showed great artistic talent. Idina Menzel’s song “Into the Unknown” played throughout the performance. Their song was fantastic and quite moving.

They talked throughout the song because they were sitting back to back. In addition, they were able to attract the attention of the jury and dazzle it with a great performance. However, the German duo “Issues” performed by Alicia and Jasmin won over the panel the most. The women’s voices were seductive and strong. Like previous performances, theirs was stunningly beautiful and unparalleled. Outstanding performers were also included in the “Children’s Voice” program in Russia. The vocal trio of Tyryutikov, Abramov and Jalagonia sang “Take Me to Church” from Hozier. The guys’ performance was charming and real.


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