Tim Conway’s son shares some heartwarming advice he got from his dad

Tim Conway Jr. and Sr. were interviewed on Lifestyle magazine, and Tim Jr. shared some advice he got from his father. The interview was part of a Father’s Day special.

Mike Tucker, the interviewer, asked Tim Conway Jr. what lessons he gained from his father. You can promptly see the family likeness between the two of them. Despite the fact that Tim Conway Jr. wears glasses, in contrast to his father.

Subsequent to thinking about it, Tim Jr. says that he has gained numerous life lessons from his father. He discusses the time he was in secondary school, and a young lady said a final farewell to him.

She said a final farewell to him by leaving a note on his windshield. Furthermore, Tim Jr. joked about how he utilized a similar procedure to part ways with future sweethearts.

He told his father that he was truly discouraged, and his father offered him an extraordinary piece of guidance. Tim Sr. told him, “Never seek after anyone who would rather not spend time with you.”

It has stayed with Tim Jr. such a long time. He likewise showed his father an image of the young lady who parted ways with him. When Tim Sr. saw the photograph, he told his son to attempt to reunite with her.

The interviewer and Tim Sr. really wanted to chuckle. The apple most certainly didn’t fall a long way from the tree, and Tim Sr. said that you reserve the option to change your mind.

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