Today, the libraries occupying huge areas have almost no visitors. The availability of books on the Internet helps with this

With the development of network technologies and the World Wide Web, books are slowly being squeezed out of our lives. It is no longer necessary to waste time looking at some information in the encyclopedia, because you can just look it up on the Internet. However, the Internet cannot replace the magical world of books, in which a completely different life flows. Reading books, our imagination takes us to another time and country, we can travel without leaving home. The world of books is a real treasure trove of world culture and knowledge. Despite the fact that nowadays people no longer spend much time reading, the world’s libraries have not lost their relevance. There is always a special atmosphere in libraries.

Silence and calm set up a positive mood. This is a special place where the knowledge of the world is stored and it is available to everyone. The smell of books, high shelves and every step that echoes – all this is probably familiar to everyone who has ever visited the library. The largest library in the world is located in Washington.

It contains not only books, but also manuscripts, old video cassettes, magazines and newspapers. All this and much more can be found in the huge library, which contains 155 million items in total. This largest library is located on Capitol Hill in three buildings. The National Library of the United States houses the largest collection of books for the blind. There are guided tours every day of the week in the library.

The second largest library in the world is located in London, where you can read 135 million books. The London Library impresses with its classical architecture, which makes it look like a museum. In third place is the New York Library, which is a private organization.
The Russian Library covers an area of 85,000 square meters and was built in 1872. The library is located in Moscow in the white city and stores 47 million units of books. The library has a lot of historical documents in Greek and Latin written on papyri. There are a lot of rare editions that are stored in single copies. The library carries out not only publishing activities, but also scientific research. Various scientific journals are published monthly.

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