Tools are at hand: how to fix a zipper on clothes yourself

It happens that the zipper on the clothes breaks at the wrong time. Home craftsmen offer to use simple repair methods. Tools for this will always be at hand, and the repair will take a few minutes.

The easiest option is to hold the slider, fixed between the teeth, with pliers and then pull it towards the closure. The rake should return to the grooves. The main thing is not to compress the attachment point too much, so as not to damage the fragile mechanism.
It also happens that only a single part of the slider remains on the clasp. Then you should cut the fabric with scissors in a horizontal position between the teeth and put the torn off half on the cut.

A broken zipper can be easily repaired with a screwdriver. To do this, insert the tip of the tool into the groove from above and expand the distance between the metal teeth. Insert the edges of the fastener into the “opening” and clamp with pliers.

You can also smear the part of the zipper with clear nail polish and fasten it up. The surest option, if nothing helped, is to replace the slider.

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