A couple learns that they have known each other for 15 years longer than they thought. “I’ve seen you before,” they say.

At the university, Heidi and Ed Savitt of London met, started dating, and ultimately decided to wed. Yet just before the wedding, the couple realized they had actually met far earlier than expected.

Up until recently, Heidi and Ed believed they had met in college. The pair started dating and soon decided to be married. Prior to their marriage, Kay Parker, his mother, had mentioned family vacations they had taken in 1997 in Turkey. Kay mentioned that Heidi had met a boy named Ed while on vacation, and the two young people had become friends and spent a lot of time together.

Two weeks after this chat, Kay discovered a family album in the house’s junk drawer where she discovered a picture of Heidi and her boyfriend during their trip to Turkey. “When my mother found the photo, she sent it to me. There was Heidi’s future husband next to him in the photograph.

Heidi told her husband about the discovery over the phone. The family of Ed looked through old photo archives and discovered a picture of Heidi.

The young people didn’t come to believe it when, years ago, they met at college, didn’t know each other, and fell in love. Ed and Heidi came to the conclusion that this was to be.

After getting married, the couple decided to visit the location of their first meeting to rekindle their childhood memories.

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