Unique ideas for designing dachas and making them more comfortableUnique ideas for designing dachas and making them more comfortable

Country houses and summer cottages are probably the dream of every city dweller. Many aspire to move from cramped apartments to their own house on the outskirts of the city, but not everyone has such an opportunity. After all, buying your own home in good condition is an expensive pleasure. For many, the solution is to acquire a small plot of land and build a small cozy house. All people work, but they come to the dacha for the weekend or during the holidays.

There is very little time to do some design and make the house more comfortable. If someone has a garden, then the owners hardly have time to water the garden, harvest and go back to the city without even having a rest. There are many companies that specialize in landscaping, but this also usually costs a lot of money. However, there are free sources that provide simple and inexpensive design solutions for the arrangement and design of country houses and plots. Here are some of them.

In the country house , it is very important to properly distribute all the space and use it rationally. For example, for canning, designers suggest using vertical storage, which takes up little space and can hold many cans, thereby saving space.

If you want a barbecue or lunch in the fresh air, you can lay out a round fireplace with bricks in the yard with a device for hanging a pot. It will be both beautiful and functional.

A lot of ideas are offered for flower breeding. These can be small flower beds made of tires or ceramic pots. Also, flowers can be planted in holes cut in plastic pipes that are riveted to the outer side of the wall. The floral theme is very relevant for summer residents, so there are a lot of design ideas in this regard.

A dacha without a swing is not a dacha. Moreover, designers came up with different forms and variations. First of all, in a country house you need to hang a children’s swing, and then think about adults. You can put a rocking chair or a swing chair in the yard, or you can hang a whole sofa, which will certainly become a favorite place for vacationers. As we can see, it is not too difficult to make a residential area cozy and beautiful. The main thing is to think through all the details competently and do everything with pleasure.

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