Very rare 1960s Geographic X Camper holiday home receives a beautiful restoration

We all love to go on a trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. One way to go without spending a lot of money for a vacation is to have a motorhome. Motorhomes make traveling much more comfortable and accessible.

Most of us can make do with readily available modern RVs, but RV enthusiasts often seek out rare vintage trailers. Vintage travel trailers offer a more luxurious vacation experience. The 1961 Geographic X Vacation Home is one of the rarest of them all. For a long time, the world believed that there was only one model left. However, in 2016 another was found. As a result, the restoration of second surviving models caused a stir. Its extremely limited number has made it a rare and lucrative caravan. Holiday House started producing trailers in 1959. Their very progressive and futuristic designs quickly catapulted Holiday trailers ahead of their contemporaries. The Geographic X model was perhaps the crown jewel of the company.

1961 Holiday House Geographic X

In 1958, David Holmes, the president of the fruit company “Harry & David”, hired the world famous industrial engineer Chuck Pelly, to design the Geographic model. Chuck Pelly was the designer of the Scarab race car and the founder of Designworks USA, the California studio of BMW. The ‘Model X’ with its futuristic state-of-the-art amenities truly lived up to its description as a ‘trailer for the rich’.

1961 Holiday House Geographic X living area

17 years later, a second model emerges.
Flyte Camp, an Oregon-based company that specializes in restoring vintage trailers, found the second Geographic X in a garage in 2016. The owner, unaware that the trailer was actually one of the most wanted in the world, has been using it as a storage unit for spare car parts. The company immediately embarked on a massive effort to restore this marvel of industrial design to its former glory.

1961 Holiday House Geographic X kitchenette

It took a lot of work to revive the iconic motorhome from its neglected, moss-covered state. Flyte Camp’s restoration aimed to preserve the classic and coveted motorhome while making the right upgrades at the same time. The process of restoring and renovating the Geographic X holiday home took more than two years. After its restoration, the Geographic X became the epitome of the modern luxury travel trailer that Holmes envisioned. Check out the stunning Geographic X below:



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