We could live 100 years in a house made of newspapers.

An American architect of the previous century is said to have imagined the unusual design of the house. Ellis Stenman made the decision to experiment with using old newspapers as insulation in the distant 1920s. Yet his hobby turned into a legitimate construction business and he eventually created a small residence for himself. summer in Rockport that was almost entirely made up of junk and outdated newspapers. The exterior and interior of the strange structure are both made up of logs. They received a unique dough treatment consisting of water, flour and apple zest before being folded into a tube and lacquered. Although they are as heavy and easy to handle as wood, logs are extremely hard.

The architect continued his concept after he started cladding the building by creating tables, shelves, regular cabinets, armchairs and sofas, seats and a bed from old newspapers. The antique piano and clock in this house are made entirely from recycled newspapers and varnished. The magnificent newspaper building has so far attracted tourists. The distinctive house still exudes charm today. The house was turned into a museum by the architect’s great-granddaughter, Edna Stenman, and it receives a large number of daily visitors. Until 1930, Stenman spent summers living here. It’s amazing that the house has lasted so long.

Stenman believed the building could not withstand the humidity and cold winter temperatures. Yet wood was not as strong as paper. Edna assumes that Stenman considered applauding the outside but decided against it. He was curious to know what would happen to the diary. The house has therefore been standing for about 100 years. Nobody knows how he got the idea to build a paper house. Stenman also created the adhesive he used. He added various sticky ingredients, including apple peels, but the main ingredients were flour and water. The furniture is all solid and quite heavy. With the exception of the piano, which he covered with paper matching the furniture, everything was paper. The house also has a fireplace. Because the chimney is made of bricks, it can be used. It is believed that around 100,000 logs were used in total by Stenman to build the mansion. Perhaps other contemporary architectural inventions will be inspired by it.

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