We look at how the house is arranged, which is completely printed on the printer

The farmer went to work in the field and found an old safe standing in the middle of the meadow. Someone left a strange note at his door, promising the farmer a prize if he could open the steel door. Kirk Mats discovered a safe in the middle of his own farm in Barr, New York. He immediately called representatives of law enforcement agencies to the place – who knows what the owner of the safe came up with. According to Matts, the safe weighs about 300 kilograms. The note says, “If you can open it, you’ll get my prize.

” But there are no hints about the contents of the safe, a real mystery,” the farmer told reporters. They tried to open the safe right on the field, loosening the hinges. This did not bring any result, and attempts to pickle the steel with acid were fruitless.

Despite its age, the safe turned out to be very reliable; only a professional can open it without a code. As a result, the steel box was taken to the farm itself and left in the barn for the time being. Mats will make another attempt to open the safe soon, which is still not clear inside. The mystery of the safe has already interested local authorities. The safe may have been found on private property, but its contents will be closely monitored.


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