What a mother and her daughters look like who have never had a haircut in their lives

An unusual family lives in the US state of Illinois. The thing is that mother Tere Lyn Svetlechich Russell has not cut her hair for more than 25 years. As a teenager, she decided for herself that she would not shorten her curls and still keeps her word. But this is not the most surprising. Her three daughters also decided to follow their mother’s example and stopped cutting their hair.

The total hair length of Tere Lin and her three girls is about 3.5 meters! The 43-year-old woman herself has curls that almost reach the floor.

Caring for such curls is not easy. Only one shampooing takes a quarter of a bottle of conditioner, and a lot of time is spent on combing.

In addition, long hair causes a lot of trouble. Children constantly step on their mother’s hair.
The heroine’s husband, named Chip, is crazy about his wife’s hair. He fell in love with Tere Lin only because of her gorgeous hair.

The couple has five children in total. One-year-old Shapin has not yet joined the Rapunzel club, and her only son will not receive membership in this club. Although, who knows, maybe he wants to become a long-haired guy. In the city of Morris, where an unusual family lives, Tere Lin has been the winner of the Longest Ponytail contest for many years in a row, and her daughters do not lag behind their mothers, taking prize money. places.

Tere Lin does not force her daughters to let her hair grow, this is a conscious choice for everyone. And if one of them wants to cut their long curls, then she will not mind.

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