Why the marriage of a model with a billionaire? They are really different from each other.

Famous model Xenia Delhi has married an Egyptian billionaire who is 36 years older than her. Ksenia comes from Moldova, from a fairly poor family. The father left her mother when Xenia was only two years old. The girl’s mother went to work in Greece, and the girl was brought up by her grandmother.

The girl was determined. After completing her studies well, she entered the institute and intensively studied foreign languages. Soon Xenia had the opportunity to leave for the United States. There she worked in a clothing store. The girl liked to post her photos on social networks. There she was seen once by an agent of a swimwear store.

She was impressed by the beauty of Xenia and invited her to participate in a photo contest. The girl became the winner of the competition, and this completely changed her life. At 18, she was already filming for Playboy, Vogue and other famous magazines. But in 2106, everyone was struck by the news that 26-year-old Ksenia was marrying 62-year-old billionaire Osamu.

A million dollars was spent on the wedding celebration. The happy bride organized the event herself. The couple still lives happily ever after. In 2018, their daughter was born. At the same time, Ksenia did not stop working and continues to film for fashion publications.

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