With his daughters by his side, the father enters the theater and does not hide his joy. His performance was astounding.

On the television show Britain’s Got Talent, an unexpected and moving performance occurred. Nick Edwards, father of two daughters, participated in the program without her knowledge. Nick has loved music for a long time. He composes poetry and music, but he never gives public performances. He doesn’t have much confidence in his skills and considers himself an amateur. He claims his hobby is music.

Edwards was surprised by his mother Tracy and her daughters when they applied to the program on his behalf, as he lacked the confidence to do so. which caught him off guard. At the time of the hearing, he was 35 years old and a real estate developer. He played guitar and performed Ernie Holter’s song “Daddy’s Little Girl” during the audition. This song meant a lot to him and he sang it frequently at home.


No one in the audience could look away from Edwards’ heartfelt and moving singing. It was clear how much he cared about his daughters because they were on his mind the whole time he sang. On an electronic screen behind him, photos of his family were displayed as he played guitar and sang his own song, “Love Is.” Since Nick had a microphone on while sitting in the crowd and the lyrics to the song he was singing, some audience members thought Nick’s audition was staged.

He had printed the song he was singing. However, a rep for a TV show later said Nick was contacted as a viewer whose reactions were taped. So they presented him with a microphone. Either way, everyone realized what an exceptional songwriter and performer Nick Edwards is. Her participation in the program revealed her lack of confidence in her own strength. He eventually made the decision to start a music business rather than pursue it as a hobby. Nick is truly grateful to his family for giving him this opportunity.


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