Woman from the USA became a mother after 5 miscarriages and 15 years of struggle

Despite five miscarriages and 15 years of struggle, a resident of the United States was able to give birth to a healthy girl and instilled hope and faith in the best in the hearts of all women who are trying in vain to become mothers. 40-year-old Jenny Hill urged them to never give up, as she did.

For 15 years, Jenny fought for the right to become a mother. For three years in a row, she lost babies when her body pushed them away during early pregnancy. At a difficult moment, the husband left Hill. For 9 years, she experienced her grief alone.

Soon Jenny met John, who became her second husband and made her believe in herself again. The couple tried to get pregnant and they even succeeded, and twice. However, these pregnancies also ended in miscarriages. It turned out that Jenny had a rare chromosomal disease, due to which the chance of miscarriage was 95%. Doctors suggested that the couple use IVF services, thanks to which they managed to get two suitable embryos. As a result, one embryo was placed in Hill’s uterus.

Fortunately, it took root and on January 25, 2017, Jenny Hill was able to experience the happiness of motherhood when the long-awaited daughter was born, whom the couple named Harper Grace Hill. This “rainbow baby” was clear proof that believing in the best works wonders. I couldn’t get enough of her.

I kept thinking that this was a dream and I would wake up soon, fortunately it was all real. I became a mother. For 15 years I have been waiting for the moment when I can take my child in my arms. I am grateful to God for giving us our “rainbow daughter,” the happy mother shared.

Jennie posted her story on the Love What Matters website to show that dreams do come true. In January of this year, Harper turned one year old. She already knows how to walk and every day pleases her parents, who still cannot believe in their happiness.

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