Years ago, a man who visited a restaurant said the server numbers, which he said years later and became a millionaire.

5 years ago, a visitor named Vincent, who worked as a waiter, dictated some strange numbers to him. The man immediately left the table, without explaining his gesture. Vincent was confused, but after a while he remembered these numbers in time and suddenly became a millionaire. Vincent Mosquera is the butler of a small restaurant in Virginia Beach. The man is already 82 years old, he has worked most of his life in this establishment, but he has not had a more amazing case.

I will remember this day forever. The man leaned towards me for no reason and said: 19-23-30-33-38. The numbers were so tightly etched in my memory, as if I had taught them, Vincent later told reporters. Five years after that day, Vincent and his friends went to a bar whose owner was involved in selling tickets for the national lottery with big winnings.

The waiter had never played before, but his friends persuaded him to buy a ticket. The man thought long and hard about which numbers to choose and suddenly remembered the incident with the stranger again.

I entered these numbers. I remembered them in time, although I never really forgot, says Vincent. A week later, organizers called the man. The figures told by the stranger brought him about 18 million rubles. Vincent himself does not understand how such coincidences are possible. A stranger I met five years ago couldn’t know the winning combination

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