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10-year-old cowboy’s dream shattered until his hero pays surprise visit


As part of a school project, two little boys in Las Vegas shared their dream of becoming professional bull riders. FOX5 heard about it and sent over the FOX5 Surprise Squad to the boys’ home to help make that dream come true.

Young Jace Kellogg, and his sibling Jett, dream one day of being proficient bull riders. Still, they could do without sports only for the adrenaline rush. These children love to ride bulls due to their father, who was an expert bull rider himself.

Young Jace composed a book report saying that he needed to grow up to be a bull rider, very much like his late father. The kid still gladly wears his father’s Texas style cap. The PBR got a move on, up with the Fox Five News to shock two young PBR fans.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad caught wind of Jace and Jett and realized they needed to accomplish something uniquely great for the young men, so a columnist appeared at their home for a delightful shock interview.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad and the PBR group sent three well known bulls to their home in a trailer, and the children were stunned. They were petting the bulls when they saw somebody escape the truck behind them.

The man draws near, and the young men understand that he is the well known bull rider, J.B. Mauney. The children explain to Mauney why they love the games and appreciate him as much as their father.

Mauney likewise gifts the young men tickets for a PBR show that he would be highlighted on. They got to go to the show that evening and watch Jamie ride bulls in the enormous field! You can see that this was an incredible day for the two young men.

The young men’s grandparents are exceptionally strong of their fantasy. Their grandma said, “I accept that God has an approach to dealing with children. Their Dad is peering down on them and glad for them.”

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