A dog bandoned trash heap,reeking and swarmed by flies, han an amazing transformation after rescued - hayerov

A dog bandoned trash heap,reeking and swarmed by flies, han an amazing transformation after rescued


First met the dog beside in the garbage It was almost no breathing lying on the ground All around are flies around the bite Whole body sends out a stench When volunteers arrived Found that its eyes are gummed up with pus Quickly sent it to the hospital The doctor to help it clear eyes pus Luckily it’s eyes was not injured The sight of the dog eyes with tears At this moment it didn’t expect to survive After shaving off dirty and messy hair Exposed a skinny body After inspection the dog has no infectious diseases Being thin like this is completely starving I can’t imagine its body isn’t enough 6 pounds What had it before?

Fortunately the dog very can eat This means there is a high chance of survival Name it Gourd I hope that it will get better! The second day The dog’s state of mind a lot better Give it to the most like to eat chicken breast It can’t stand only lying down to eat Never eaten such delicious food In the mood for more even after eating The doctor applied medicine to its wound Although very painful But it silently endures Its appetite is getting better also It doesn’t forget to eat even in its dreams How hungry this dog used to be? On the third day It can already raised its head It’s still so eager when it comes to eating

Look at the dog only 5 months old I don’t know why the host cruel to throw the garbage Its eyes are always blurred with tears Endured the pain without a word It’s truly sensible and heartwarming! Don’t worry baby ~ The days ahead will surely get better after enduring some bitterness The fourth day Volunteers came to the hospital to see the dog Still prepared delicious food for it I didn’t expect it could actually sit up The dog eagerly inhales food in big mouthfuls

This puts our minds at ease to some extent Must medicine every day The dog seems to habits don’t noisy Even the doctors praise it for being sensible and strong Perhaps it used to live through days of hunger and not having enough to eat Every eat licking It’s cherish all the more to every grain of food The eyes of this dog have light Believe that it will get better soon The eighth day When see the volunteers to coming The dog quickly get up Its current condition is getting better day by day Don’t have to lie to eat! The brought nourishing cream is quickly licked clean Is it much better than two days before? This is the first time it walking Under the inducement of delicious food It’s running steadily now The tenth day It is visible to the naked eye to fat up Frame is no longer apparent It eats slowly increase Now can take out a big bowl of dog food

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