‘I’m Leaving Y’all,’ says Whoopi Goldberg as she exits ‘The View’ during the Miranda Lambert controversy. - hayerov

‘I’m Leaving Y’all,’ says Whoopi Goldberg as she exits ‘The View’ during the Miranda Lambert controversy.


Whoopi Goldberg surprised ‘The View’ viewers this week when she stormed off the stage during a live program, triggered by the controversy surrounding singer Miranda Lambert, who interrupted one of her recent concerts to chastise music fans for snapping pictures during the act. Of fact, against the wishes of many critics, Whoopi Goldberg walked off as a joke and was not genuinely quitting the program. Videos of Whoopi Goldberg storming off ‘The View’ went viral as the co-hosts disputed the matter with Miranda Lambert, leaving many critics hoping for a subtle moment or three.

For context, Miranda Lambert was in the news because she abruptly ended her set to shout at some fans who wanted selfies of their concert experience. Miranda Lambert’s tickets were most likely more than a few dollars, and it’s not unusual for individuals to take photographs during concerts to post on social media or retain for memories. The co-hosts of ‘The View’ were arguing Miranda Lambert’s position, such as whether she should have stopped the program to shout at people, or if people should take pictures at concerts, and so on. It was a jumbled tangle of ideas that prompted Whoopi to rise up, go towards the audience, and declare, “I’m leaving y’all.”

When it came to addressing Miranda Lambert’s contentious issue, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin sought to appeal to all sides of the debate. Griffin urged that Lambert not call out those who paid good money to see her in concert since it’s embarrassing to them, especially if they’re just snapping selfies and not causing issues for other fans. This is when Whoopi Goldberg comes in, implying that the fans are being impolite by snapping selfies. “They paid for the tickets, they came to see her, so she’s singing,” Whoopi said. [Give] at least a little consideration… Recognize that you can see her [and] that she can see you.”

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