Rod Stewart’s wife was mocked for gaining weight, and the musician had the perfect response. - hayerov

Rod Stewart’s wife was mocked for gaining weight, and the musician had the perfect response.


Rod Stewart is a name familiar to many people. The British rock phenomenon has had an extraordinary life with several romances and multiple marriages. But his love with his third wife has altered him as a person…

Keep reading to learn more about the rockstar’s personal life and marriage.

Rod Stewart is a father to six children from four different women. His eldest kid is his daughter Sarah from his adolescent relationship. Later he married his first wife Alana Hamilton with whom he had his next two children, Kimberly and Sean.

Later when the singer was dating Kelly Emberg, the couple welcomed their daughter Ruby together. His second marriage following this was to Rachel Hunter, with her the singer welcomed Renee and Liam.

But after years of disastrous romances and two failed marriages, the musician was losing hope that finding real love was for him. But in 1999, all his anxieties faded when he met Penny Lancaster, a supermodel who stole his heart.

The two of them dated for seven years until Stewart dropped down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to beg for her hand in marriage. The duo has 24 years between them since Stewart is older than his current wife. But he praises the former supermodel for making him into the committed spouse he is today.

While his marriage enhanced his life, Stewart is keen to note out that he also assisted his wife in many ways. He described how he helped her gain confidence. He said that when they first met, she was hesitant and didn’t say much, but she was no longer scared to take up space in a room.

Lancaster’s modeling career began at an early age and immediately took off. In 2002, she was offered a £200,000 contract to model for Ultimo, a swimwear and lingerie company. Alastair and Aiden are the couple’s two kids. Having them, however, was not simple. Lancaster had two losses before turning to IVF to create their first child, Alastair.

The pair approached parenthood with open eyes with agreed to continue nurturing their marriage bond despite bringing children together.


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