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Whether You Love Him Or Hate Him, No Celebrity Treats Their Fans Better Than Johnny Depp


One of the most talked-about celebrities today is Johnny Depp. The actor is well known for his roles in 21 Jump Street, various collaborations with director Tim Burton, and his most iconic role as the swashbuckling and extra charming pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now, however, he’s much more famous with his now concluded court hearings against his ex-wife Amber Heard. While we are all torn between the case, we can agree that Depp’s philanthropy makes him one of the most memorable actors of his generation..

This goes on full display whenever he visits hospitals clad in a coat, shirt, a tricorn hat, and some eyeliner. He might be a pragmatic and mischievous pirate, but for hospital kids, he is the savvy Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Oscar nominee paid a visit to the British Columbia Hospital where a “pirate party” was also held to celebrate his appearance.

The patients and staff at the hospital are thrilled with the visit..

“We got the wheels in motion,” hospital spokesperson Pamela Smith said, as quoted by ABC. “And wanted to make it as quiet as possible … Some of the people on my team didn’t even know about it.”

Johnny was met with some bewildered faces as he entered in his getup, but he entered the hospital saying, “I have no sword, I come in peace,” which definitely broke the ice. He did not pass by one child without interacting with them, and he managed to maintain that iconic Captain Sparrow personality throughout his entire visit – except this time there was no rum! “He took the time to really engage with them and make them smile and laugh.” said the hospital’s spokeswoman, Pamela Dawson.

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